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Jul 30, 2020
Transparent SSH Access using Google Cloud's Identity-Aware Proxy
Jul 25, 2019
Announcing Cainophile Today I'm announcing Cainophile, a library to assist you in building change data capture (CDC) systems in Elixir.
Feb 13, 2018
Simple Secure Access to the Kubernetes Dashboard with RBAC The kubectl command line is great, but sometimes it's nice to have a dashboard to click around and see basic graphs, vi...
Jan 14, 2016
Remote IEx Access via SSH I was excited when I read how easy it was to [access a remote erlang node via ssh alone](https://www.erlang-solutions.c...
Oct 8, 2015
Easy Pub-sub Event Dispatch with :gproc and Elixir # Prologue I recently came across the need to do pubsub inside of one of my Elixir applications. Initially I hand-rolle...
Mar 2, 2015
Ansible Filters With Items Today I ran into an issue where I needed to use Ansible's `with_items` feature on the `register`ed result of a previous...
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